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EFLM Provides Funds for a District-Wide Summer Reading Initiative

The Education Foundation was excited to be able to provide support for LMSD’s latest summer reading initiative, “One Book, One Lower Merion School District,” thanks to a grant submitted by Secondary Humanities Coordinator Barbara Giorgio.  In summer 2013, all high-school students read Ann Patchett’s Run. The book, which explores issues of race, religion, identity, and family, provided an opportunity for students at all levels to share a common reading experience. For summer 2014, the program will be extended to the middle schools as well, with Wes Moore’s best-selling memoir, The Other Wes Moore.

One Book, One LMSD

Entrepreneurship Is Encouraged by EFLM’s Grant

The LMSD Innovation Center, established in 2011, serves as a center of social entrepreneurship and ideas exchange for District high-school students. The Entrepreneurship Incubator educates students about the process of transforming entrepreneurial ideas into functioning businesses and social ventures through hands-on learning experiences, effective mentorship, and access to “start-up” resources. The center has received seed funding from the Education Foundation, thanks to a grant submitted by Doug Young.

Innovation Center Welsh Valley’s Zagat Mural

WV Teacher Todd Marrone Introduces Students to a Legend

EFLM joined with the Welsh Valley HSA, student government, and administration to fund a collaboration between the Welsh Valley Middle School community and one of Philadelphia's most prolific and preeminent artistic visionaries, Isaiah Zagar. The result was a major work of art gracing the school’s previously dingy Commons building. Zagar's original composition was embellished by nearly every student in the school, who worked to create, place, and polish the mural’s individual tiles. In addition to embodying communal harmony and the collaborative process, the work is a celebration of the life of a fallen student and friend, Sean King. It also now serves to commemorate the inspirational WV art teacher who conceived of and submitted the grant proposal, Todd Marrone.